YouTube alone has over 2 billion users — and each day those users watch a billion hours of video, generating billions of views.

In Ethiopia YouTube is the second most visited site.

So it’s no wonder that video marketing is on the rise.

What is YouTube Advertising?

YouTube advertising, done through Google Ads, is a way of advertising your video content on YouTube or in search results so you can maximize your user reach. This could be your video playing before a user views another’s video or showing up in YouTube search results for people to watch in full.

Types of YouTube Ads

There are six types of YouTube ads:

  1. TrueView ads
  2. Non-skippable instream ads
  3. Bumper instream ads
  4. Sponsored card ads
  5. Overlay ads
  6. Display ads

What are the Benefits of YouTube Advertising?

The cost of YouTube advertising can be off-putting for small companies, especially if your core business is dropshipping. This could be because you do not have much capital to invest, or maybe you are not seeing the ad revenue you expected from other advertising platforms, like social media advertising.

But YouTube advertising focuses on a different content format, with a very different way of engaging with people. If your audience engages with video content better than others then YouTube advertising is the best platform to discover ad revenue from.

1. Reach
As YouTube has over 1 billion users on the platform, and over 1 billion unique visits each month, YouTube advertising has the potential to reach a large percentage of the population when they are highly engaged.

2. Targeting
YouTube, as part of the Google empire, has a wealth of knowledge that only Facebook can rival. This knowledge of individual preferences and interests can help you target the right people with your YouTube advertising. Be careful not to over optimize your targeting and limit your reach.

3. Data
The reports you receive during your advertising campaigns are in-depth and provide information about not just your ads but also those who interacted with them. Get to know the audience who interacted with your content. What content did they enjoy before they went on to buy something from your store? Linking your Google Ads and Analytics accounts together to get more information.

4. Users
After a person has visited your website and shown interest in your business, don’t wait for them to come back again – build a relationship with them. As part of the Google suite, remarketing can help you target people with ads if they have visited your website, meaning that you can lead them back to your website, build trust with them, and, hopefully, make a sale in the future.

5. Flexibility
YouTube advertising is not static; it is constantly changing, and so can your ads. You can change your targeting, ad schedule, ad copy, etc, in real time to ensure you get the most out of your advertising budget with YouTube. Tailor your ads over time to evolve as your audience does.


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